Whether you’re part of a company with five or five hundred employees, we can help create a professional look that all employees will be proud to wear. Our customers include business professionals, restaurants, landscaping and construction companies, dental offices, and fire departments to name a few.

We also do sports uniforms for individual athletic teams such as the Columbus Blue Jackets, all the way to entire leagues such as softball. Many high school teams rely on us annually for their uniforms; including being the provider of personalized swim towels. We help our customers with designing the look that they are after; all the while working within their budgets.

Spirit wear for area schools is also a large part of our business. We work closely with booster groups to help them with offering new innovative ideas which help them increase their spirit wear sales.

Greek life on the college campuses throughout Central Ohio sororities and fraternities rely on us for creating new looks each year for their pledges and returning members.

If you’re having a special one-time event; such as a 5k, fundraiser, or class reunion we can help you design the exact look that you’re after, all the while remaining within your budget.